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Thursday, September 01, 2005


As promised, here's a list of emoticons that can be typed. I suspect some of them may be a bit more useful than others! If anyone can think of, or create, any emoticons that are relevant to knitting, let me know and I'll add them to the list. Please let your creative juices flow!


=):-)= Abraham Lincoln
>-< Absolutely livid!
8-l Amazement
:-Y An aside
0:-} Angel
:-ll Angry
:-C Astonished!
:( ) Bigmouth
!-( Black eye
C=:-) Chef
:-7 Cigar-smoker
:,( Crying
%-) Dazed
:-l :-l Déjà vu
>:-> Devilish
:*) Drunk
5:-) Elvis
:-( Frown
:-l Grim
:-I Indifferent
:-X Kissing
(-: Left-handed
:-} Moustached
:-# My lips are sealed
:-? Pipe-smoker
:-“ Pursed lips
[:] Robot
@}->-- Rose
*<:-) Santa
:-/ Sceptical
:-@ Screaming
:-) Smiling, Hi
:-, Smirking
:-Q Smoker
:-M Speak no evil
B:-) Sunglasses on head
+-:-) The Pope
:-)8 Wearing a bow tie
{:-) Wearing a toupee
@:-) Wearing a turban
:-# Wearing braces
:-{} Wearing lipstick
8-) Wearing sunglasses
;-) Winking
:-O Wow!


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