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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Second Sock Syndrome (SSS)!

Thanks to Ruth (UK Handknitters) for suggesting a new acronym for our list (SSS - Second Sock Syndrome). I've defined this on the list as a reluctance to knit second sock after completing first one of the pair. This can be remedied by either knitting them both at the same time or by getting someone else to knit the second one for you! There's a two socks on two circulars tutorial if you fancy knitting them both at the same time, OR, if you'd rather someone else knitted the other one for you, why not join the Sock Knitting Exchange that has been set up by Little Lixie!

UPDATE - I've now defined Knitchick, Knitflicks and eXtreme Knitting. Any comments or suggestions are welcome!


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