A blog specifically set up to record Knitters' abbreviations, acronyms and commonly used terms. Please feel free to comment or suggest additions, etc. Also includes a list of general net speak.

Friday, November 18, 2005

And the Winner is . . .

Ra has won the KnitSpeak Photo Competition with her depiction of KIP below.

Well done, Ra! Please could you email me here to let me have your contact details so that I can liaise with Kerrie on the 400g Hip Knits custom-dyed silk.

The results at close of voting at 12pm today were as follows:

Photo 1 ten votes
Photo 2 eight votes
Photo 3 one vote
Photo 4 six votes
Photo 5 four votes
Photo 6 fifteen votes
Photo 7 one vote
Photo 8 one vote
Photo 9 two votes
Photo 10 four votes

Thanks to everyone who entered photos and also to those who took the time to vote!

Tari, as the runner-up, with your wonderful "frogging" photo, I think you deserve a little something as a runner up prize. Please could you email personally here to let me have your contact details so that I can arrange to send it to you.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Please Vote NOW!

Please take some time to help us decide the outcome of the KnitSpeak Competition as the winner must now be decided upon and a poll has been set up so that this can be done. The winner will receive 400g of Hip Knits Silk (200g of which Kerrie of Hip Knits has kindly offered to donate). Kerrie has also very generously offered to custom dye the silk to the winner's choice of colours! The competition involved the entrants submitting photos depicting examples of knitters' terminology such as frogging, SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy), WIP (Works in Progress), KIP (Knitting in Public), etc. There have been ten photos entered which are reproduced below. A photo gallery containing all of the photos has also been created so, if you would prefer to look at the entries in Flickr to see them in a larger format before deciding which photo is the best depiction of the knitters' terminology illustrated, just click on KnitSpeak Competition Photos under Photo Albums in the sidebar on the right. Click on each photo separately in the Flickr gallery to enlarge.

When you've decided upon which photo you think should be the winning one, please vote for it by selecting the number of that photo on the voting form (which is, again, in the sidebar on the right) before clicking the Vote button. Please remember only one vote per person is allowed. Whichever entry has the most votes at 12pm on Friday 18th November will be the winning entry. In the event of a draw, the winner will be decided upon by drawing lots. Thank you for taking the time to help decide the winner!

Photo 1 Frogging
Photo 2 Single Sock Syndrome

Photo 3 SABLE
Photo 4 SABLE

Photo 5 KIP
Photo 6 KIP

Photo 7 Frogging
Photo 8 WIP

Photo 9 Swatch
Photo 10 SABLE